Patient & Family Testimonials

Testimonials are a way for family members and patients to share their CHPC experience with others who may be considering hospice care for a loved one.


What They’re Saying About Us

Your compassion and support helped us thorugh this very rough time for our family. Everyone was so wonderful. Kristy sat with us and answered every question. She truly was a godsend. Paola was so gentle and kind. She was even able to get my Mom to smile. Thank you for everything that your organization did for our family.

The Family of Judith Todd

I am grateful for all you did for our mother in her last days.

Sharon Waters

On behalf ot the June Zaha, we would like to thank you for your compaassionae care during their time of need.

The Legacy Family

Many thanks for the plant, kind words, and the wonderul loving care you proviced for Thekla. You makde such a difference in the last days of her life.

The Hoepfner & Garrity Family

Thank you very much  for the plant, and your kind words of condolence.

Otto Baueruhuber Family

I appreciate all of your kind words this past year. Please know that time has moved me forward, but I know memories are always with us.

Susan Rutt

Thank you for all the wonderrful care you gave Patrick during his final time here on earth.

The Family of Patrick Obermeyer

Lovded the plant. You were wonderful to Jim and it made it easier for me. God Bless!

The Marge Family

Thank you for all you did for Dale. He is now at peace.

The Family of Dale Hirtle

Your kindness really made a difference. Your thoughtfullness

Rob, Mark & Beth

It’s about living, too.

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