Hospice Care

What is Hospice?

With pain and symptom management, as well as education and support, hospice care allows patients and families to focus on what is truly important When Life Matters Most.

It is a unique health care approach in which the patient and family are the focus, not the disease. Hospice care helps patients and their families make the most of the time that remains.

Hospice is a team of specially trained health care professionals caring for the patient and relieving anxiety for the caregiver/family. Our hospice support team helps patients and families with pain and symptom management, social, emotional, and grief issues. Hospice brings comfort and quality to the remaining months, weeks, and days.

“Thank you very much for the plant, and your kind words of condolence.

Otto Baueruhuber Family

Who pays for hospice?

Hospice is covered under the Hospice Medicare Benefit, most Medicaid plans, and many private insurance plans. Most plans cover hospice care and the medications, medical supplies, and medical equipment related to the hospice prognosis.

Earlier referrals to hospice help patients and families access and receive the maximum benefit and full scope of hospice services.

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