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Palliative Care

Palliative care is patient and family-centered care that optimizes quality of life by anticipating, preventing, and treating suffering. Palliative care throughout the continuum of illness involves addressing physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs and to facilitate patient autonomy, access to information and choice.

  • Care is provided and services are coordinated by an interdisciplinary team;
  • Patients, families, palliative and non-palliative health care providers collaborate and communicate about care needs;
  • Services are available concurrently with or independent of curative or life-prolonging care;
  • Patient and family hope for peace and dignity are supported throughout the course of illness, during the dying process, and after death.


What is the focus?

Palliative care is not hospice care: it does not replace the patient’s primary treatment; palliative care works together with the primary treatment being received. It focuses on the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness most often as an adjunct to curative care modalities.
It is not time limited, allowing individuals who are ‘upstream’ of a 6-month or less terminal prognosis to receive services aligned with palliative care principles.
Additionally, individuals who qualify for hospice service, and who are not emotionally ready to elect hospice care could benefit from these services.

Who can receive this type of care?

Any individual with a serious illness, regardless of life expectancy or prognosis.

Can my patient continue to receive curative treatments?

Yes, individuals receiving palliative care are often still pursuing curative treatment modalities.

Palliative care is not limited to the hospice benefit. However, there may be limitations based on their insurance provider.

What services are provided?

Pain and symptom management, in-person and telephonic visits, help navigating treatment options, advance care planning and referrals to community resources.

Where are services provided?

Palliative care may be provided in any care setting.
z Home
z Hospice facility
z Skilled Nursing Facility
z Long-term Care Facility
z Long Term Acute Care Facility
z Assisted Living Facility
z Hospital
z Group Home
z Clinics

Who provides these services?

Palliative care may be provided by an interdisciplinary team. However, most palliative services are provided by a physician, nurse practitioner or nurse with
consultative support from social worker and chaplaincy services.

These services are performed in collaboration with the primary care physician and specialists through
consultative services or co-management of the patient’s disease process.

How long can an individual receive services?

Palliative care is not time-limited. How long an individual can receive care will depend upon their care needs, and the coverage they have through Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance.

Most individuals receive palliative care on an intermittent basis that increased over time as their disease progresses.

What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

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