Comprehensive Care

Care in your own home…

Work to a pain free life…


Comprehensive Care

  • Intended for chronic disease…not the terminally ill

  • There is no out of pocket cost for Comprehensive Care

  • We work with your insurance to meet your care needs

  • A Comprehensive case manager will help manage your care

  • Comprehensive works with you to develop your plan of care

  • You can receive any kind of therapy to include home health services

  • Our doctors will go to your home

  • Comprehensive Care is available 24/7


Comprehensive Hospice

  • For people with life limiting illnesses

  • Hospice is a type of care – not a place. You can stay in your own home

  • There is no out of pocket cost for CHPC Hospice

  • CHPC provides medications

  • Hospice provides equipment

  • You don’t have to be a DNR

  • CHPC treats all infections

  • CHPC is available 24/7

Comprehensive Care is all about caring for people.  That’s what we do. We talk with you about what you need, and perhaps most importantly, listen to you about what you want.  A team of health care professionals can be tailored to meet your needs…with no out of pocket cost.  Please browse through these pages to learn more about Comprehensive Care.  If you want to skip the reading and go straight to help, give us a call at 602-795-9705.  We’ll be glad to answer all your questions over the phone too!

The Comprehensive Team of Choice

We are a physician and nurse owned and operated operation, and we are ready to answer any questions you may have about palliative care. Comprehensive is dedicated to patient service and support. Call us at 602-795-9705 to have our supportive staff listen to your needs. We’re here to help.